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Kenny Chesney Has What???
Kenny Chesney Has What???

Kenny Chesney Has What?

Well you never really know who has an affect on trucking until you start to think about it. I was driving by the Warf Marina and Amphitheatre the other day and I see 16 tractor trailers lined up in the parking lot. The Kenny Chesney sign kind of gave it away but I stopped to see if I could get any info on all these trucks.
It turns out Kenny Chesney is a Trucker or he at least has a small fleet of drivers when he is on tour. WOW! I never really thought about a country music star having his own trucking company but I guess they have to get from one city to the next venue to the next to the next.
Well the way it works is they got here well ahead of Kenny for the setup of all of his equipment. Yes he did have a fantastic concert here last night and they are now all packed up and on the way to Fort Lauderdale for a concert this weekend. Think of all the music professionals that are on tour around the country and how many trucks they employ. I bet it is into the hundreds. Next time I hear about a concert I will know that they are employing our nations drivers. Thanks Kenny and the entire music industry.

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