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Guns or No Guns
Guns or No Guns

I am very sad about the problems in the US today with all of the violence. Could all of threse problems be solved by banning guns in the United States which is what the goverment is trying to do with the UN Small Arms Treaty. I dont think so. The problem is not guns it is individuals and it is the times,it is the economy, it is unstable individuals going unchecked by society. I for one do not need an assault weapon but I will also be the first to say I will not give up my guns. I know that you hear of people being shot everyday but there are also people that are law abiding citizens that stop crimes everyday by owning a gun.

If you take away the guns then it will be guns that are garnered by other means or it will be bows or it will be clubs or knives or any other object that could be used. I am for control to a degree but not full control or total disarming of citizens. Like that could really happen! No way shape or form. I am open to discuss alternatives if there are any!

Posted: Lee Rodgers  12/17/2012 2:43:34 PM | Permalink

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