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We Have Truck Driving Jobs For Felons
We Have Truck Driving Jobs For Felons

We keep hearing about how it is so difficult to get a truck driving job now because of the new regulations and carrier restrictions. And while we agree that it is tougher now to qualify, it is nowhere near as impossible as many would like you to believe. In point of fact, we have carriers that will higher drivers with not only felonies but also accidents, traffic convictions, suspensions and in one case, with 1 DUI/DWI.

Let's be clear hear, the problem is really all about money - and specifically about cost of insurance. The new regulations are not that restrictive as fas as getting a trucking job is concerned and are mostly centered around driver safety and preventing accidents. This runs through through the entire industry and the ancillary industries and, bottom line, it costs more to insure a driver that has had or might have more accidents.

However, if a carrier is large enough and/or implements there own internal safety programs, they can afford to hire "riskier" drivers. Also, many carriers understand that accidents happen (that's why they're called accidents) and that certain felonies may have nothing to do with driving and may have been far in the past. With this in mind, we went through and looked at all our carriers and came up with the maximum (or minimum in the case of experience) "worst case" situations that our carriers will still hire a driver for. Have a look at the results below - they may surprise you!

Suspensions? Felonies? No problem!

Commercial Driving Experience: As low as zero experience and/or no CDL
Accidents: As many as 3
DUI/DWI: Up to 1
Traffic Convictions: Up to 4
Felonies: Up to 1
Suspensions: Up to 2

Posted: All Trucking Jobs  8/27/2012 6:15:38 PM | Permalink

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