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Truck Driver Shortage Big News - AGAIN
Truck Driver Shortage Big News - AGAIN

Wow! The amount of news coverage on the truck driver shortage has grown exponentially - especially at the end of June. One story by USA Today was picked up by such diverse outlets as Biz Journals, Investor Place, Commercial Appeal and local outlets from Green Bay to New Jersey - and all within the same two days. The coverage has been so extensive that we had to revamp our Trucking Job News section because it was just getting too unwieldy (check the new design out using the link above!).

Okay, for those of us in the industry, the driver shortage is certainly not "new" news. However, if you look at some of the stories, stats and quotes, you will quickly find that there are some great opportunities for truck drivers right here, right now. I mean, not only are pay rates rising, something long overdue, but seriously, some carriers are now basing acquisitions of other companies on the number of qualified drivers at that company!

That puts us in a very real "drivers market" and whatever your current situation, you should look at taking advantage of that situation now. If you're a new driver, you'll have a better chance of getting a start - of course you'll still have to prove yourself but it is easier now to get that first hire. On the other hand, if you are an experienced truck driver with a great driving record, you can almost write your own ticket.

Above all, this shortage comes as the trucking industry in general is leading the way in several market and employment segments. What we need to do is make a truck driving career attractive again to the current generation and the next.

If you have any comments or a story about how the shortage has helped you in your carreer - we want to hear about it!

Posted: All Trucking Jobs  7/11/2012 5:14:43 PM | Permalink

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