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Recruiters; Are your apps Real and Real Time
Recruiters; Are your apps Real and Real Time

If you are a recruiter one of the main things you need to know is if your applications are in real time or not. With the shortage of qualified drivers if your applications are not in real time then the odds are that by the time you contact that driver he is either not at home or has already been contacted by other carriers. We have never traded applications, sold applications or leased or data base but are finding by seeding our applications this is happening in the industry. Good drivers are hard to find and we feel that if you work your applications as they come in the door your percentages are going to be better. Now lets look at filters. How strick are you in your filters? Are you getting apps that do not meet your qualifications then your filters are to lax or your applications are not being filtered. The ability to filter down to zip codes is a reality. Use it if it can give you an edge. Do you want mini applications which are applicants that started filling out an application and said this is to much to do. We caputure the name address and phone number for all applicants.

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Posted: All Trucking Jobs  6/8/2012 2:00:59 PM | Permalink

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