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Truck Driving Safety Tips from Truck Drivers
Truck Driving Safety Tips from Truck Drivers

Ever since we published some truck driving tips we have had drivers send in some of their own. So, the following is a summary of the best of those tips in no particular order except for the first one. Follow these simple, and yes - sometimes obvious, tips and you could drive for months without incident. Oh, and if we missed your tip, that probably just means we ran out of time.

Truck Driving Safety Tips1) First and foremost, take care of yourself! Get plenty of sleep, eat properly and get some exercise any time you can, even if it is just a brisk walk around the truck stop.

2) It may seem obvious, but wear your seatbelt. And if it doesn't fit right, then fix or lengthen it.

3) Always keep a fire extinguisher within reach in the cab of the semi.

4) Everyone has a cell phone these days including truckers. While they can be great for reporting problems on the road and for stranded conditions, don't use them while driving at highway speeds.

5) Take care of generally scheduled maintenance ON SCHEDULE including checking fluids, hoses, tires and any leaks. Even if you're not an owner operator, you still need to look after your truck for employment and especially for safety reasons.

6) Always make sure your trailer is properly coupled to the truck before you hit the road!

7) Carry different types of clothing, particularly for South to North trips, and keep plenty of non-perishable snacks and water just in case the weather takes a drastic turn.

8) Always be aware of any problems on the road including construction, accidents and other motorists. Watch your blind spots (where automobiles seem compelled to ride) and remember it takes us a lot longer to stop.

Well, that's it for this round. Keep your tips, comments and stories coming.

Posted: All Trucking Jobs  5/25/2012 6:19:06 PM | Permalink

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