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What is the Qualified Driver Shortage?
What is the Qualified Driver Shortage?

Ever since we made the blog post about having trucking jobs for women, aplications from female drivers are up over 30% and all we can say is that we are thrilled and keep them coming in!

Speaking of women in trucking, check out this article from REAL Women in Trucking called "The Qualified Truck Driver Shortage". This article offers up several ideas as to what is really driving the shortage.

"Qualified truck drivers begin with qualified CDL candidates who are prepared for the challenge of living the life of a truck driver.

The American Trucking Association and the Carriers they represent continually claim they are struggling to locate qualified drivers yet little accountability is aimed at truck driver training carriers who recruit at enormous levels and have grossly high turnover rates.

Retention is directly related to management and leadership. The trucking industry has failed to take initiative to zero in on how drivers are being recruited with misleading advertisements and the antiquated policies that affect retention."

Read the full story at

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