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Three Money Saving Tips for Truck Drivers
Three Money Saving Tips for Truck Drivers

Small truck driving expenses add up!With all the expenses that go along with truck driving, it is imperative for a driver to cut down on any expenses that they can. Since the new regulated driving time can limit gross pay, the more  expenses you can cut the more money you can keep in your own pockets.

While big things like being very aware of fuel costs at competing truck stops and joining any driving plans or fuel cards that the big chains offer are pretty obvious, what about the little things that most of us don’t even think about? You might be surprised how these little costs can add up.

1) Food
Food is one cost that can really put a dent in your budget.  If you haven’t already, try investing in one of the small refrigerators that will is fit in the cab. One nice model actually goes on the other seat. In there, you can store lunch meats, fruit, snacks and drinks that are much cheaper – and generally much healthier, than truck stop food. Of course we all need at least one hot meal a day don’t we? Well, if you cut it to one meal that really adds up, but you can also get one of the small 12 volt stove tops or cookers. A life saver for me was a 12 volt pitcher style water heater. With one of the portable presses I can make coffee or I can make tea or a quick cup of soup (in my case – mostly FRESH coffee of MY choosing).

2) Showers
I know this may sound dumb, but showers are really getting up there in cost! However, most of the chain stops offer free showers with “X” amount of fuel purchased. So, if possible, just time your fuel ups with your showers and cut this expense altogether. Otherwise, this  often overlooked expense can really add up fast.

3) Supplies and Ammenities
Every trucker needs a certain amount of supplies and ammenitites like shampoo, razonrs, toothpaste, etc. However, buy one these simple everyday items at a truck stop and you’d  think they must be made out of gold! Don’t ever buy these items at a truck stop. Instead, make sure to carry a bag specifically for these items and remember to check it before each trip. While we’re talking about bags, if you also get a very large duffel style you can bring enough clothes to stop paying for laundry at truck stops.  Then make the other a small duffel that can fit, say, one change of clothes and you are set to save.

Is any of this rocket science? No. But sometimes it is the smaller things we never think about that can really add up over time.

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