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Yes, We Have Trucking Jobs For Women
Yes, We Have Trucking Jobs For Women

Lady Truck DriverWe talk a lot about truck drivers on this site and though we don’t specify gender, it seems that most people still think of truckers and truck driving jobs as exclusively applying to men.  When we look at our applications, over 96% come from male drivers. Is this because the generalizations are true or are we in some way implying our site is only for male truck drivers?

In truth, we’re not sure. However, we want to make it perfectly clear that not only do we have trucking jobs for women, we also know there are many responsible, capable and quality lady truckers out there on the open road every day and we would like to hear from you.

In point of fact, the number of female truck drivers is growing. You can see the changes in many truck stops with separate showers and amenities. At last count, women represented about 5% of the total workforce or approximately  200,000 female truckers in the U.S. To our way of thinking, that’s a pretty big number.

Are you a lady trucker looking for the best truck driving job you can get? Apply Now and let us get to work for you.

On the other hand, are you a female looking to break into the industry or having issues dealing with your job? There are many resources on the web but one of the best is  Women In Trucking ( They are the group behind the DVD documentary "Alligator on the Zipper" ( that relates true stories of seven female truck drivers and their experiences in the industry.

What are your thoughts on the growth of female truck drivers in the trucking industry? Let us know by leaving your comment below.

Posted: All Trucking Jobs  4/11/2012 6:41:58 PM | Permalink

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