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Today's Truck Drivers Embrace Technology
Today's Truck Drivers Embrace Technology

Truck driving is making a comeback and carriers need to hire drivers now. However, during the driver recession, the average trucker has changed. Gone are the days of the "simple" driver who doesn't own a smart phone and would never think of turning on a computer. Drivers are now more educated, more sophisticated and generally embrace the new technologies to improve their carreers and their lives. Today's drivers are connected and they are online. They use social media sites to stay in touch with family and friends on the road. Independent owner operators search and bid for loads. Most important for carriers, the non-independents and company drivers are online looking for the best truck driving job with the best benefiits for their particular situation.

Truck Drivers Embrace New TechnologyLet's face it, online recruiting has very nearly replaced all other forms of hiring, whether for a trucking job or a local retail job. It's fast, accurate and any one can check out any company 24/7, 365 days a year. Because of this reach, the Internet offers the "best bang for the buck" for any advertising expenditure. This is good news for carriers, but it is also good news for truck drivers. With one application a driver can now reach a multitude of carriers that are looking for their specific skills and experience. Carriers and new career choices can be researched during down time, and the driver who is looking to upgrade can easily talk to several carriers at once. Now that the need for truckers is back on the rise, carriers need to understand the new driver and be prepared to compete in a technology-driven world.

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